Architects Britch

Established in 1995 Architects Britch have been operating from our building on Chapel Street for 15 years. We have a reputation as hands-on architects with experience in a wide variety  of projects.  We believe in the power of great design and the integrity of our work. As a practice we get involved in projects we believe in and enjoy contributing to sustainable, creative and enjoyable built environments. We have long term relationships with many of our clients, some for over 10 years. We understand the time it takes to create a successful scheme, and enjoy the opportunity to be creative and engaged in the process. We have developed skills in the innovative re-working of listed buildings but do not consider ourselves to be conservation architects, it is the repurposing of buildings that secure their future and create dynamic urban environments . We are becoming ever more conscious that it is people who make and animate buildings, and its is our role as architects to understand and support that with good design and beautiful spaces.