Islington Mill

Islington Mill is a Grade II listed mill building in Salford, the building is home to a rich mix of uses;  art gallery, music venue,  artist studios, apartments, a B+B and lots more. The building has a become a cultural hub in Salford and has an international reputation. The creative arts organisation IMAC and Bill Campbell have saved the building from dis-repair, demolition or conversion to yet another commercial apartment block. Over the last 10 years we have completed several projects at the mill, including the venue space, B+B and the two bed flats.


Planning approval has now been granted for an Arts Council funded project to open up the upper floors of the building into a large open gallery and artists residency spaces. Incorporating lift access and new stairs and costing about £1.6m the project will secure the building's future. Construction is due to start summer 2017 under executive architects.


Salford Lads Club 

This iconic Edwardian building was originally designed in 1903 by Henry Lord in the eclectic edwardian style. It is built of brick and terracotta and the design cleverly arranges a series of spaces around a main gym. The building is a fascinating mixture of high quality architecture, amazing social history and strong local community use. More recently it has become a shrine to The Smiths fans from all over the world.


The club retains most of its original features and we have refurbished many of the rooms to their former glory. This is not so much an act of persevering but of actively enabling the needs of the club. The building has been in continuous use for over 100 years.


Our latest project was funded by Sport England for a new disabled lift and fire stair which will allow the building to be fully used by the local community (and The Smiths tribute bands no doubt!)