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Whittle Street 


The project at Whittle Street is now complete. We designed a full refurbishment of the existing property with a compact porch extension. The project came in on target at £150,000. Our clients are now enjoying their remodelled Northern Quarter pad. 

materials view 16 May 2107.jpg
materials view 16 May 2107.jpg

Sale Project 


This project is for a two story house extension, the challenge was to create a better use of space and to bring natural light right into the heart of the home. Works are now underway on this project. 

Three Horseshoes

This project consists of an extensive extension and refurbishment of a rural Norfolk cottage. The location is beautiful, sensitive and a long way from Salford.

We have obtained planning permission and are on to construction drawings. The patterned brickwork and profiled metal roof are proving to be enjoyable to detail up.




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Water Street Pod 

Project to design a new lightweight rooftop apartment for our clients on an existing edwardian building in Castlefield Manchester. Using a simple form and elegant proportions the addition will have amazing views from the open plan spaces...It will also look fantastic from below. Currently in for planning approval, construction will start autumn 2017. 

White Cottages 

A pair of direct agricultural  houses in Gallows Hill, Northumberland the brief was to convert the 2 houses into 1 large family house, by restoring the original houses and by the addition of a new flat roofed extension.


The design has a single story extension that wraps around the old houses to reconfigure the spaces. Natural light is brought deep into the plan by a walk on roof light in the dinning room and large folding corner patio doors to the living room.


The project has preserved and reinvented what was derelict housings into a contemporary family home.